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Statewide Support Service

Early Intervention

Early Intervention for children with vision and hearing impairment is essential to provide early stimulation and experiences that form a basis for lifelong learning.
‘The goal is to enrich children’s learning through purposeful actions by educators in collaboration with children and families.’
Source: Early Years Learning Framework: Getting Started, by Joy Goodfellow, 2009 page 2.

Kilparrin support staff are registered teachers with specific qualifications in the areas of vision and/or hearing.

Support for babies and young children is provided in homes and centres.

Kilparrin staff provide information and resources to facilitate early learning experiences that support the development of a child‘s vision and hearing.

We work with families to provide an individualised program that promotes the holistic development of their child with a focus on:

  • listening
  • looking
  • moving
  • early communication
  • early learning

Support includes:

  • playgroups held at Kilparrin or in a neighbourhood setting
  • family-based support service
  • support to childcare centres
  • specialised assessment
  • information about future preschool options
  • liaising with other agencies

Professional Development
Professional development activities, specifically related to the learning needs of the children supported by Kilparrin, are available for teachers, school services officers, other professionals and parents.

When enrolling a child in childcare or preschool, our teachers can provide training and development for the staff, based on the child’s needs.

Playgroups enable early learners to be a part of a small group and participate in activities that promote developmental learning.

Children can access Playgroup from Birth to Pre-School. Playgroup is held at Kilparrin on a Friday morning and is supported from our Statewide Support Service.

Parents/caregivers are given the opportunity to meet socially and form networks while their children are actively engaged.

On request, Kilparrin staff can link parents/caregivers with:

  • other parents of children with a vision and hearing impairment
  • preschools
  • support agencies