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Purpose-built Facilities

Kilparrin at the Park Holme campus, is a purpose built school with the complex needs of our students in mind.

Soundfield Amplification Systems

All classroom are fitted with Soundfield Systems to allow the teacher to speak at a normal conversational level but raises that level by ten to fifteen decibels evenly throughout the room. 

Research has shown that both students with normal hearing and those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing can benefit from amplified speech sound systems. 

Classroom Acoustics

Classroom acoustics have been optimised with specific materials that are designed to facilitate clear communication between staff and students.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Our school environment has been fitted with tactile ground surface indicators, surplus to standard accessibility requirements. This is to facilitate O&M instruction within the day to day learning at school. 

Dedicated indoor and outdoor Orientation and Mobility spaces

Our indoor O&M space is accessible to all students with the support of the ceiling track hoist. Both our indoor and outdoor spaces allow our students to practise a variety of orientation and mobility skills to develop their ability to travel independently. 

Ceiling Hoists

Each classroom has been fitted with ceiling track hoists, supporting safe transfers for our staff and students. 

Tactile Markings 

Throughout the school, textured paint has been used to encourage students to use and maintain a correct trailing technique. Trailing is a technique used to support movement through hallways and through rooms as a part of O&M instruction.

High contrast raised lettering and braille is used throughout the school to help identify different areas to students with vision impairment.