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Kilparrin Early Learning Centre

This specialist preschool support program is available at Kilparrin for children (3 years to Reception) who have sensory impairment (vision impairment and/or Deaf or Hard of Hearing) and additional disabilities. Access to the program depends on eligibility.

Children who are eligible are entitled to attend 15 hours per week. This is negotiated with the Kilparrin Principal.

Curriculum: Early Years Learning Framework

The Kilparrin Early Learning Centre (KELC) uses Belonging Being Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework as the core guide to our planning and assessing.  Our teaching is informed by the principles, practices and philosophy within this document.  We provide a play-based learning program that supports a child’s developing communication, literacy, numeracy and social-emotional wellbeing.  We also use the Indicators of Preschool Numeracy and Literacy as a guide in scaffolding emergent numeracy and literacy skills while also incorporating the Expanded Core Curriculum into the daily routine. 

Staff use children’s interests and strengths to support learning through co-construction of learning in a multi-sensory and communication-rich environment.  Children receive a balance of learning through play, where children drive their own learning, and intentional teaching, where teachers support and develop new interests and skills.

We believe that play is children's work and value each child's unique perspective as a member of the Kilparrin Community.

Please follow the link below for more information:

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