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MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education/Experience) is a ‘top-down’, activity-based curriculum designed to teach basic functional motor skills to individuals with significant physical disabilities. MOVE focusses on increasing practical independence in sitting, standing, transferring and walking.

MOVE is designed to be an integrated part of the student’s daily program rather than a specific lesson and is incorporated into regular routines of the class. As part of the One Child One Plan process, parents identify practical goals for their child. Classroom staff (and if possible appropriate therapists and other service providers) assess baseline skills, develop an assessment profile and plan a program to be implemented across the school day. Progress may be slow but is focussed on a practical goal such as assisting with transfers, walking a few steps or sitting at the dinner table with the rest of the family. Liaison with the student’s physiotherapist is essential to ensure that the program is safe and will not cause injury or harm. Kilparrin students taking part in the curriculum have individualised assessment plans and profiles which are reviewed and updated.

Two Kilparrin teachers have been certified as Move International Trainers and many staff have completed MOVE Basic Provider Training.

MOVE International