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Social Skills and Activities of Daily Living

The teaching of social skills and activities of daily living is an integral part of the extended core curriculum.

Students with vision and/or hearing impairment and additional disabilities are unable to develop social skills and independent living skills by incidental means such as direct observation and modelling. Students need direct instruction to gain social skills and skills in the activities of daily living  to function more successfully in society.

Explicit teaching of social skills:

  • basic social skills
  • interpersonal relationships
  • social conventions

Activities of Daily Living:

  • executive function
  • health and personal care
  • independence and responsibility

Teachers plan extensive programs to support students in developing daily classroom routines and self-help skills. These programs are implemented in real life situations that are meaningful to the student.

For example:

  • independent eating at mealtimes
  • pouring and drinking from a cup
  • dressing and undressing for gym and swimming
  • packing and unpacking their own school bag each day