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Distance Education Facilities

Kilparrin has established a video conferencing suite to allow the Statewide Support Service (SSS) greater access to sites across South Australia.

The facility provides SSS teachers with the opportunity to provide remote support to sites for meetings and professional development support. The distance education facility also allows the connection of multiple sites rather than repeating a professional development session on multiple occasions.

Distance Education room at Kilparrin


The distance education facility, while not designed to replace the face to face support of sites, does provide greater access for sites to timely support in a cost effective manner. To date the facility has been used to run a series of regular Auslan training sessions with country sites and participation in Negotiated Education Program meetings across the state.



Use of the facility will allow support on a weekly basis for example, without the cost of travel and time necessary for an SSS teacher to visit locations hundreds of kilometres away. Travel times can often be the more expensive component of support to a remote site, the return journey to Roxby Downs for example is in excess of one thousand kilometres and to be able to provide targeted support to local personnel without the travel is extremely beneficial. It is hoped that over time, SSS staff will incorporate the use of the facility more and more into their programs allowing for improved support of sites.