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Implementing Four Blocks Approach to Literacy at Kilparrin

In 2012 Jane Farrall became the Kilparrin Educator-in-Residence. This has been a stimulating and exciting learning experience. Jane continues to work with all class teachers and all learners in regard to literacy development. She is also working with all learners who are not already clients of another support service, e.g. Novita to support communication development. Jane is also a resource and support for staff who are creating resources for literacy and communication development. These resources are both high technology (for use on Interactive White Boards, Computers and iPads) and low technology (Flip chart, paper and object based).

Jane’s four days a session at Kilparrin are full. She is a remarkable resource for the school and the staff are making the best use possible of her time. She is very generous with her contributions to our learning and has offered advice in developing the computer system capacity across the school with a view to the future.

Every Literacy lesson has four components – The Four Blocks- they are Guided Reading, Self Selected reading, Writing tasks and Working with words.


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