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Swimming and Aquatics

Participation in swimming and aquatics activities is an important part of each Kilparrin student’s program.  Involvement in the program provides learners with an opportunity to exercise, develop water safety skills and gain pleasure.  Swimming and aquatics provide physical and sensory opportunities not able to be repeated in any other environment.

Enabling Kilparrin learners to take part in swimming and aquatics requires considerable involvement from staff and the class team managing the program. Significant effort goes into the planning of the physical and staffing resources required to make swimming and aquatics successful educational activities and a pleasant enjoyable educational experience for the student.

Kilparrin students will be provided either a weekly swimming lesson at Minda Pool or daily lessons as part of intensive ‘blocks’ in term 1, term 2 and term 4. Weekly sessions are provided for those learners who require regular hydrotherapy and / or sensory stimulation to assist the development of body image. For ambulant learners the opportunity to practice swimming and dressing skills on a daily basis, as part of an intensive block provides a great opportunity for maximum improvement.

Aquatics for Kilparrin students takes place at the West Lakes Aquatic Centre; a DECD facility, and incorporates 4 sessions of sailing in term 1, of each year. The aquatics program provides students with the opportunity to experience a different environment. Sailing links with many aspects of the curriculum and students apart from enjoying a pleasurable activity have exposure to wave motion and wind power.  Both swimming and aquatics provide great motivation for literacy based activities.

Kilparrin appreciates parent/caregiver support in ensuring that suitable clothing is sent to school on the appropriate day. The Instructors In Charge of the DECD Swimming for Learners with Disabilities Program at Minda and Marion Pools have requested that all learners who are incontinent wear an EENEE SWIMMER to maintain pool hygiene and on other health, safety and welfare grounds. Details about purchasing these items are available from the Kilparrin front office.

Kilparrin learners are not permitted to participate in a swimming lesson if they have any type of stomach upset. Don’t Let Gastro Catch You is a S.A. Department of Health flyer that outlines the policy followed by staff at the Minda & Marion Pools, viz:

  1. No swimming if you have diarrhoea or a Cryptosporidium infection.
  2. No swimming for 14 days after diarrhoea or Cryptosporidium infection.
  3. No shared bath or shower water for 14 days after diarrhoea or if you have had a Cryptosporidium infection.
  4. Avoid swallowing pool water.
  5. Shower thoroughly before entering the pool.
  6. Wash hands after going to the toilet and before eating and drinking.