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Music at Kilparrin Teaching and Assessment School and Services comprises many facets to accommodate the education needs of enrolled students with sensory impairment (vision and/or hearing) and additional disabilities. Music, in all its forms, engages the student’s interest – there is laughter, excitement, discovery and a sense of new achievement and mastery.

The music program includes a range of activities in both group and individual settings including;

  • singing
  • instrument playing
  • exploring rhythm, tempo and dynamics
  • dramatic expression
  • listening
  • creating
  • performing

Involvement in music sessions also provides students with opportunities to practise communication skills including;

  • turn taking
  • extending vocabulary
  • using augmentative alternate communication
  • the use of silence (stopping and starting)

The combination of all facets of the music program provides students with a sense of wellbeing that enables further learning to take place. Music stimulates awareness as well as relaxes; both states impact on learning.